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Minnesota OnLine is proud to present our new Digital Subscriber Line Services. Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) offer an impressive improvement over current analog modem technology. Minnesota OnLine 's base DSL offering begins at 256 kilobits per second, up to 5 times as fast as a conventional 56k analog modem! This service is available for Residential and Business customers in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

For more information on DSL, we recommend that you read the following FAQ that applies to the type of service you would like to receive. Business DSL is required for anyone who uses their DSL connection for commercial usage.

Commercial/Business DSL FAQ Residential DSL FAQ

Minnesota OnLine DSL Pricing

Once you have decided which type of service you will require, click on the applicable price listing below:

Commercial/Business DSL Pricing Residential DSL Pricing

How to Order DSL from Minnesota OnLine

Once you have decided which type of DSL service you want, have read the FAQ for that particular service type, and read the pricing guide, you are ready to order DSL. The following steps will guide you through the DSL ordering process. Remember that your DSL line comes from US West, but your Internet service comes from Minnesota OnLine. Minnesota OnLine will not be able to provide any information regarding the U S West part of the installation of your DSL line.

Check DSL Availability in Your Area

The first step in ordering DSL is to check to see if it is available in your area. DSL availability depends on a number of factors, including your distance from the Telephone Company's Central Office (also known as a CO), and whether or not the DSL equipment has been added to the Central Office.
To Check availability, you will need to go to US West's site at: http://megawot.uswest.com/availability

Line Qualification

If DSL is available in your area, you now must pass a line qualification test. This test verifies that you are not too far from the CO, or that you do not have incompatible services on your telephone line. There may also be other reasons that pop up later when US West does the line test, such as too many bridges/taps in your phone line.

Ordering your DSL line from US West

Ordering by Phone:
Minnesota OnLine recommends ordering your DSL connection over the telephone. We have established a contact at US West to specifically take orders for Minnesota OnLine DSL customers. The advantages of ordering over the phone are that you verify that someone is working on the case, and you have someone to contact if there is a problem getting it installed. The phone number for for US West is 800-872-4658. Make sure you select Minnesota OnLine as your Internet Service Provider, or you won't be hooked up to us!
Ordering On-line
If you wish to order on-line, you can do so at: http://megawot.uswest.com. This site will guide you through all of the steps of ordering the DSL line through US West. When you are asked to select your ISP, select Minnesota OnLine.

Ordering from Minnesota OnLine

Once you have ordered your DSL line from US West, and the installation is complete, contact Minnesota OnLine at (651) 225-1110 to set up your Minnesota OnLine DSL service. Simply give us the information that US West gave you. If you selected Minnesota OnLine as your service provider, US West will automatically e-mail us the information. If you call us before 3:00 PM, we will have your DSL set up by the end of the day.

You're now set up! Enjoy the Internet at blazingly fast speeds!

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