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Minnesota OnLine Business/Commercial DSL Pricing

The total price of your DSL connection is the Minnesota OnLine monthly charge AND your DSL line charge from US West. For instance, the monthly charge from Minnesota OnLine for Commercial DSL Service is $39.95/month for 256k and the monthly charge from US West for a 256k connection is $29.95/month. The total monthly cost for your DSL line would be $69.90/month (plus tax). You will receive your US West charge on your monthly phone bill. Your Minnesota OnLine account is charged separately from the US West fee.
Commercial / Business DSL Internet Package

This package includes a number of options.
      • 1 Individual Personal Plus Dial-up account (includes UNIX shell access).
      • IP addresses assigned as needed for no extra charge.
      • Secondary DNS at No Additional Expense.
      • Secondary mail queueing if you have you have your own mail server.
      • 20 POP mailboxes are included if desired.
    No DSL Resale is Permitted on any of these Accounts without Written Permission from Minnesota OnLine.

    Routed DSLensures that your network segment will be seperate from other DSL connected systems on the Minnesota OnLine DSL network.

Minnesota OnLine Routed Burstable 265K Commercial / Business DSL Internet Account Pricing
Available in the commercial marketplace, companies can receive direct, high-speed Internet connectivity and only pay for the bandwidth that is used rather than pay for the size of the circuit and bandwidth that is not used during evening hours and weekends. 

This option allows a business to only subscribe to the data transfer needs that they may have.  As you contract for higher data transfer rates, your cost per MegaByte goes down.

Speed Monthly Data 
Monthly Fee Cost per additional 
1 GB Data Transfer
Setup Fee
256k 2 GB $39.95  $20.00 $125.00
256k 4 GB $59.95 $15.00 $125.00
256k 8 GB $79.95 $10.00 $125.00
256k 16 GB $99.95 $8.00 $125.00
256k 32 GB $199.95 $6.00 $125.00
256k 64 GB $299.95 Not Applicable $125.00
Billing is based on sustained samples taken every five minutes. The top 5% of every month's samples are disregarded, so you have the benefit of a true burst without the cost of it.

Minnesota OnLine Routed Dedicated Commercial / Business DSL Internet Account Pricing
Dedicated bandwidth allows a  business to concentrate on their business objectives and not worry about changinging pricing due to variable network usage.
Speed Monthly Fee Setup Fee
256k $299.95 $125.00
512k $329.95 $125.00
768k $449.95 $125.00
1 M $649.95 $125.00
4 M download / 1 M upload $1,299.00  $125.00
7 M download / 1 M upload $1,999.00 $125.00
Pricing does not include US West charges or monthly fees. If you already have a Minnesota OnLine Dial-Up account or ISDN account, you will receive a credit towards your setup fee from the original setup.

US West DSL Line Pricing
Pricing from US West is based on the speed of your DSL connection and the length of your contract. Here's the pricing information we were provided as of 6/15/2000:
Service Installation Fee * 1 Month Contract ** 36 Month Contract **
MegaBit Select (256k) $69 $19.95  $19.95 
MegaBit Deluxe
$69 $29.95 $29.95
$69 $65.00 $59.80 
$69 $80.00 $73.60 
(1M down 1M up)
$69 $125.00  $115.00
(4M down 1M up)
$69 $500.00  $460.00
(7M down 1M up)
$69 $875.00  $805.00
* Installation fee does not include setup of your computer equipment, such as the installation or configuration of your ethernet card.
** Plus applicaple taxes.

For the latest pricing from US West, check their site at http://megawot.uswest.com

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