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How to get on the Internet with Minnesota OnLine using Windows NT

Step 1

  • Go into My Computer and double click Dial-Up Networking.

  • If Dial-Up Networking is not installed you will be asked to install it. Click on the Install Button.

  • After clicking Install, WindowsNT will install the RAS service for you. You will then be asked to select a RAS device. Choose your modem, or if you have not yet installed a modem choose the install modem button to do so now. Click OK when done.

  • After clicking OK, you will be presented with the Remote Access Setup screen. Highlight your modem and click on the Configure button.

  • On the Configure Port Usage screen, select "Dial out only" from the options. The click OK when you are done.

  • This takes you back to the Remote Access Setup screen. Now Click on the Network Button.

  • Select only the TCP/IP protocol. Click OK when done.

Step 2

  • Now click on the Continue button on the Remote Access Setup screen.

  • Dial-Up Networking is now installed. Close any programs you may be running and Restart you computer.

  • When your computer is finished rebooting go back into "My Computer" and Click on Dial-Up Networking.

    • Enter the appropriate information in the "Phone number" field, this field is the number that calls and connects to our internet servers.

        Dailup numbers are as follows:

        252-2510 for 56K in the 612 area code

        251-2510 for 56K in the 651 area code

        651-298-8878 for 33.6 or slower access

    • Be sure the setting are correct under the Server tab. Then Click on the "TCP/IP Settings..." Button.

    • Verify the settings below.Click OK when you are done.

    • Move now to the "Security" tab.Be sure the "Accept any authentication including cleat text" option is selected.Click on OK.

  • Now select Dial from the Dial-Up Networking screen to test the new connection.
  • Fill out the following dialog with the correct information for your account. Leave the Domain field blank. Choose the "Save password" option is you wish your password to be saved so you do not need to type it in again.
Congratulations your are ready to use your Minnesota Online Account, Enjoy!

If you have any difficulty, please email support@state.net

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