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How to setup dialup connections with Minnesota OnLine using Macintosh

The following programs are required to get you on to the Net. 
  • MacTCP
  • PPPConfig
If you are running System 7.5, these programs are included and can be found in your Control Panel folder. However, if your are using an older operating system, MacTCP is not included. MacTCP can be purchased from an authorized Apple dealer, or from some bookstores selling manuals with the software included. MacTCP is commercial software, not Shareware or Freeware, and we can not give it to you. 
Configuring MacTCP

Open the MacTCP control panel.
  • Make sure that the PPP icon is Highlighted
  • Set the IP Address to
  • Click on More...

    You will see a new screen open up.

  • Set Obtain Address to Server
  • Under Routing Information, Set the GateWay Address to 
  • Under IP Address, Set the Class to "C"
  • Set Address to 
  • Set the Subnet Mask to
  • Under Domain Name Server Information, Enter the following into the top-most box: mn.state.net and and set this box for Default
  • In the second box, enter in the following
    mn.state.net and
  • Click on OK to finish Configuring MacTCP

Configuring ConfigPPP (or FreePPP)

Open up ConfigPPP from the Control Panel
  • Click on New...
    Click on Config... if you want to make changes to your existing Outpost setup. 
  • Enter the Complete Phone Number into the Phone num box.
  • If the Modem Init doesn't work for you, you can find a listing of them off of the previous page.
  • When you are finished, Click on Connect Script...
  • Fill out this screen exactly as it appears

  • Click on DONE
If you have any difficulty, please email support@state.net

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