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The Internet has a wealth of information about every possible subject. Unfortunately, there is also some information that most of us would rather not see and don't want our children to see. NetProtector is the only service that blocks offensive internet content automatically.

Introducing NetProtector™
NetProtector, part of our local Internet Service, runs entirely on our servers. There is nothing you need to do. Our database of objectionable sites is updated weekly, and currently contains over 86,000 sites, the largest such database in the country. With NetProtector, you get unlimited access to the entire Internet without the objectionable sites. NetProtector blocks sites containing pornography, sex, or hate-speech.

Provided by Minnesota OnLine
Minnesota OnLine is the Twin Cities leader in using server-based Internet filtering to provide a safe environment for you and your children to use the Internet.

Our NetProtector accounts are $24.95 per month, and include unlimited Internet access (WWW, FTP, email, and newsgroups), local dialup numbers, and space for your personal web pages. There is no setup charge. We provide free Internet software for PC's and Mac's. Make the change to Minnesota OnLine's NetProtector service today!

If you use AOL, Prodigy, or Compuserve, email us and we'll tell you how to switch service providers easily and painlessly.

If you have access through another ISP, go to our signup page to create your own Minnesota OnLine account and get all the necessary configuration information.

NetProtector Benefits
  • Blocks sites containing sex, pornography or hate-speech
  • No client software required
  • Tamper-proof filtering process
  • Supports all Web browsers
  • Over 86,000 blocked sites
  • Automatically updated weekly
  • Unlimited Internet access
  • Personal web space

Other web filtering products that will limit access to particular web sites.

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