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Comprehensive Internet Access Services

To assist your home or personal office in the information age.
DSL Internet Services, high speed dedicated access

For our residential customers we offer dialup connections supporting 56K V.90 - as well as slower modems.

We also provide ISDN internet access - set-up, email accounts, and web site hosting services for virtual and shared domains. Our domain name registration fee is $25 per domain name.

Our ISDN internet access starts at $24.95/month. for one B channel of dialup service. Typically dialup ISDN connections take between 2-4 seconds to connect after a TCP/IP request has been made. We also support multiple channels of dedicated ISDN internet connections with unlimited hours.

Our dialup accounts support PPP and SLIP connections for 56K V.90 modems and 33.6 modem speeds and slower. All dialup packages include one email account with up to five alias emails. An alias email address can be different for the outside world, yet all alias emails go to the same email account.

In addition all accounts include a free copy of the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer browser on CD-ROM, delivered to your door.

Technical Support
    Minnesota OnLine will provide initial over the phone technical support for new account setup. For on-site technical service, an hourly rate will be charged based on the level of technical requirements for the job.

    For Macintosh users initial over the phone technical setup support is performed by The Consulting Mac for Minnesota OnLine. New account holders can contact Russ Prince with the Consulting Mac for initial phone account setup support. Minnesota OnLine will provide support for any technical issues that may arise after initial account setup.

Service Rates
    Minnesota OnLine offers discounted rates for customers that choose a quarterly or annual payment method. Our prices are reduced by 5% for quarterly and bi-annual payments and 10% for annual payments. You can change your selected payment method at any time. Any price changes will become effective at the time of the requested change. For complete listing of our rates for internet services, visit or rates page.

    Invoices are mailed to customers at the beginning of your payment period, and are net 30 days. An initial setup fee is associated with most new services establishment. We don't require payment of first and last months fees before service establishment.

For complete terms and conditions of account establishment with Minnesota OnLine view them here.

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