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    We provide individuals with comprehensive internet access services to assist your home or personal office in the information age. For our residential customers we offer complete modem dialup and ISDN internet access and set-up, email, and website hosting services.

Minnesota OnLine supports dialup modem users up to 56K modem speeds, and also offers dedicated and dialup ISDN internet access.

Technical Support
Minnesota OnLine will provide initial over the phone technical support for new account setup.

Internet Guide
Lots of information about how the internet can help companies and individuals access information, promote themselves and more.

Acceptable Use Policy
For complete terms and conditions of account establishment with Minnesota OnLine view them here.

Internet Administration
Web based account administration.
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Web Filter Products
Software to protect your children on the internet.

Ask Mr. Modem
To learn what modem strings you need for your modem, check out this very useful web site.

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