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Web Site Development

As a full-service Internet access provider, Minnesota OnLine provides a full complement of internet and website design and development services. With our high-speed Internet access, and industry-leading Digital ALPHA servers, we can meet any requirement your organization may have for World Wide Web services. To preview websites we have developed please visit our online portfolio.

WWW Planning and Consulting Services
We can provide the assistance you need to help you plan and design your Web store-front. We can show you how to use various Web capabilities to your advantage, and how to organize your Web documents to minimize retrieval time. We can provide work plans and schedules to identify all of the tasks required to implement your Web pages, and identify ways to save money. We can also show you how to use existing Internet resources to gain exposure for your Web page on the Internet.

Graphics Design and Writing Services
We work with a variety of talented writers and graphics artists to enable you to present the image you are trying to convey to your customers. We provide full complement of design services, from splash screen development to icons, sound, and other multi-media elements.

HTML Development
We can write the hypertext markup language ( HTML ) required to define your Web pages. We can also write Perl scripts and C programs to perform special-purpose functions, including database retrieval and network connectivity. We can convert your documentation and graphics into HTML format, and define the links required to support the hypertext elements of your Web pages.

Virtual Domain
We can provide a Virtual Domain for your web page on one of our servers that will make your web page look as if it was running on it's own server. This service allows your company to use a URL like "http://www.your-company.com.", instead of a URL like "http://www.state.net/your-company", which is within someone else's domain.

Internet WWW Server
We can implement your Web store-front on our high-capacity DIGITAL Alpha servers, allowing you to have a Web presence on the Internet without having to support and administer your own UNIX system. Our Internet WWW servers provide T1 access to your Web store-front without having to pay for T1 communication lines. This can be combined with our FTP server services to extend your presence even further. In addition, our high-speed SCSI disks can provide the disk space required to support all of your Internet applications.

World Wide Web Service Rates
Our WWW service is usage based -- you pay for the amount of resources your Web page utilizes, based on the number of bytes transferred over the network. Minnesota OnLine can provide as much capacity as necessary to support your Web service. We provide full logs to our customers of all persons that accessed their Web page during the month. This information can be used to send follow-up information to potential customers. To Rates Page

Minnesota OnLine's WWW service is very reasonable, starting at just $29.95 a month for up to 100 megabytes of data access per month. Additional data volumes are just $10.00 per 100 megabytes per month (that is a lot of data!). Of course, if you are a high volume user, volume discounts are available.

OnLine Web Services
Our comprehensive Web services can be combined in any manner you desire to provide the right solution for your company. For example, you may want to develop your own graphics and documentation, and use our services to integrate those components into HTML language. Or you could write your own HTML code, and use our Internet WWW servers to support your Web pages on the Internet.

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