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Network Monitoring

As companies' move to align there IS investments with business strategy, Enterprise Management solutions take center stage. At Minnesota OnLine we're aware of this fact and have designed a suite of Network Monitoring, Management, and Reporting Services that allow our customers to concentrate on their business objectives.

Utilizing a combination of off-the-shelf and proprietary tools and software, Minnesota OnLine can offer customers the resources to proactively and reactively monitor the circuits, connections, traffic, and devices that make up the Wide Area Network.

Minnesota OnLine can provide the equipment and/or circuits if so desired by the client, or we can monitor existing circuits and equipment. If your organization has a device that is "SNMP" manageable, Minnesota OnLine can provide monitoring, management, and reporting services.

Minnesota OnLine offers three different levels of monitoring, management and reporting, allowing our customers to tailor a plan to meet the specific needs of the organization.
    Through our Network Control Center (NOC), Minnesota OnLine will re-actively monitor the circuits and/or the devices covered under this plan. Once an alarm condition is identified, an Engineer will notify the designated individual via phone, e-mail, and pager that an alarm condition has been identified, a description of the condition, and a recommendation as to the appropriate action to take place. The fee for this service can be as low as $35.00 per month.

    All the components of the Monitoring level service with additional features allowing Minnesota OnLine to take action and /or correct the situation based upon the Service Level Agreement (SLA). Minnesota OnLine Engineers will attempt to diagnose and/or correct the situation while online. In the event the situation cannot be corrected online, the engineer will open a trouble ticket with the appropriate party (hardware service provider, Local Exchange Company, or Inter-Exchange Company). Minnesota OnLine Engineers will work with the situation and report the progress to the customer until the repair is complete and network resources restored.

    Incorporates all of the features of the Monitoring and Management level service offerings with additional components to report on the Health of the network. This would include the LAN/WAN, Frame Relay, Router, Server, ATM, and Remote Access. The reports provide the depth and breadth of coverage across the IT infrastructure enabling our customers to pinpoint specific devices causing problems. This service extends the coverage to the systems arena as well, allowing instant identity to servers requiring critical attention as well as those with excess capacity.

    Additionally, this service expands the view to measure the impact of your business processes on the network, identifying which users, groups, and applications are consuming your network resources. The result is an integrated, correlated view of your IT infrastructure from end-to-end, enabling an organization to understand and measure the effectiveness of your IT investment.

Summary of Network Monitoring & Management Services:
  • Network Monitoring
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Trouble Ticket Activity
  • Dispatch Service
  • Performance Reporting
  • 7x24 active monitoring
  • Local carrier interface in event of service disruption
  • Performance, capacity and change management
  • Standard network traffic and utilization reports
  • Service levels address performance, reliability and availability
  • Single point of contact for inter-enterprise communications

Summary of Network Health Reporting Services

Network Health delivers an enterprise-wide view of the network, regardless of the protocols and operating systems you're running. With one simple application, you're able to see, analyze and baseline all ports on all routers, hubs, and switches across your entire organization. This allows our customers to easily "normalize" the data from different vendors and devices into one, uniform representation.

    Standard Reports:
    Standard reports quickly get to the heart of network issues by condensing IT information from across your enterprise, providing you with an easy-to-read picture of the entire network.

    Health Reports:
    Health Reports present a one-page analysis on your choice of performance indicators, delivering troubleshooting information on demand. Measures the overall level of service delivered by the network based on key performance metrics.

    Service Level Reports:
    Service Level Reports delivers actionable service level information in easy-to-read single-page summaries. The three reports comprising Service Level Reports are each tailor-made to address the precise information needs of all constituents to a Service Level Agreement. Flexible, user-defined presentation formats and service level goals facilitate SLA management.

    At-a-Glance Reports:
    Provides a total view of key performance indicators for any given element, correlated over time. At-a-Glance reports give you visibility into the key issues impacting a problem element.

    Trend Reports:
    Details performance trends over the course of a user-defined time period. These reports can be customized to give you the flexibility to design your own Network Health reports using the Web interface.

    Traffic Account Reports:
    Expands your network view to measure the impact of business processes on the network.

Custom Services Available:
  • Enterprise Configuration Manager
  • Background AutoDiscovery
  • Non-Persistent Connection Support
  • Microsoft SQL Server Support
  • Event Configuration Editor
  • Wide-Area Fault Isolation
  • Enterprise Alarm Manager
  • Event Log
  • Web Alarm View

For more information please contact our security specialist via email: Sales, or voice: 651.225.1110.

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