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ISDN Digital Service

Integrated Digital Service Network (ISDN) service is fast (64-128 kbps), and can be configured as on-demand or as dedicated service.

  • All Internet protocols, from email to the web to newsgroups and more!
  • Fully licensed copy of Microsoft Internet Explorer software
  • Beginning-to-end training and consulting
  • 24 hour monitoring and technical support
  • Customer Referral Program, to save you money
  • Network design, security analysis, firewalls and installation service available

ISDN Accounts

Dial-up Business ISDN

Account Features:

  • 1 main plus 5 additional POP Email boxes for co-workers. (a $25.00 value)
  • Dedicated (static) IP address on request.
  • Full shell access on request.
  • 5 MB of disk space (soft quota).
  • Anonymous FTP directory (5 MB soft quota, 7 MB hard quota).
  • 24x7 technical support.
  • Visa, Mastercard accepted.
  • Accounts can be invoiced monthly, quarterly (5% discount), bi-annually(5% discount) or annually (10% discount).
Price per Month # Channels/ Bandwidth # IP Addresses
$45.00 1 / 64 kbps 1 (dynamic)
$65.00 1 / 64 kbps Up to 254 useable
$65.00 2 / 128 kbps 1 (static)
$85.00 2 / 128 kbps Up to 254 useable

Dial-up Business ISDN provides up to 300 hours of connect time per month, with additional hours costing $0.50 per hour. Time-out period is 10 minutes. Minnesota OnLine does not establish connections to you.

Dedicated Personal & Business ISDN

Dedicated ISDN startup costs to Minnesota OnLineinclude:

  • Coordinate installation of ISDN circuit.
  • A single dial-up maintenance account at Minnesota OnLine.
  • Installation of a pre-configured WebRamp or Ascend Pipeline router at your site.
  • Primary and Secondary DNS service.
  • IP address blocks as required.
  • E-Mail Routing.

All prices shown below are based on a minimum 12 month contract. Please contact us for alternate term rates.

Data Rate Monthly Resale
Not Permitted
Monthly Resale
Install and setup
without ISDN hardware
64 kbps $195.00 $245.00 $150.00
128 kbps $299.00 $498.00 $150.00

With 128 kbps ISDN service, the second B channel is floating and only connects when traffic and utilization requires more bandwidth than the first B channel can provide.

If you choose the Single channel service, the additional bandwidth provided by the second B channel can be added at a later date if needed with a $20.00 upgrade charge. Rates are subject to change and are contingent on availability of services and facilities at your location.

We are sorry, but we cannot discount our setup price if you have already purchased a router from another source. As part of our setup, we will gladly supply you with a configuration for your Ascend product. We can also configure other vendors hardware at $75.00 per hour. Please contact us for additional information.

Minnesota OnLine recommends several products for your ISDN needs. Please visit our ISDN Hardware web page for more details and our current pricing on these products.

If you are not certain if ISDN is available at your location, contact us and we will contact your local telephone carrier to confirm facilities are available. Minnesota OnLine can then, with your permission, instruct your local telephone carrier about what type of ISDN circuit to install for you. Please see our USWest ISDN Pricing page for full information on USWest ISDN line charges. Remember, Minnesota OnLine pays NO ISDN charges for your location. Installation of ISDN circuits can typically take upwards of 30 days.

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