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Dedicated Connectivity

A Dedicated Internet Connection from Minnesota OnLine gives you continuous access to the Internet from one or more hosts in your local area network for a fixed monthly fee.

Connections are available using dial up voice lines, frame relay, ISDN, and traditional point-to-point leased-lines.

At the core of Minnesota OnLine's offerings is a robust, high performance wide area network (WAN) that covers virtually all of the Midwest. Minnesota OnLine's network nodes (POPs) are strategically located to provide leased-line, ISDN and dial-up local access from most locations. Much of Minnesota OnLine's wide area network is run on a reliable and fast fiber optic backbone.

Dedicated dial up is the most common means for a fledging business to start with dedicated connectivity to the Internet. dedicated dial up provides reasonable access data rates for low volume usage and at a very low cost.

Frame relay is the most popular, and usually the most reliable and economical, means of connecting your in-house network to the Internet full-time. Minnesota OnLine can provide frame relay access throughout the midwest and nationwide. If you prefer a traditional point-to-point digital leased-line, you can be connected to the Internet through most of Minnesota OnLine's access nodes. The strategic positioning of these nodes will help to minimize your fees to the local phone company for the leased-line. ISDN is a good solution for low and moderate bandwidth Internet connections and is available from most of Minnesota OnLines's local access nodes.

Designing the most cost-effective and productive solution for your Internet connectivity needs can be a challenge with all of the different physical means of connecting to the Internet and the many service options. Minnesota OnLine's experienced staff is available to help you make the right decisions. Minnesota OnLine can analyze your Internet requirements and suggest a solution that minimizes your tele-communication costs and that gives you the most economical Internet bandwidth. Minnesota OnLine's staff will then obtain pricing from the phone company for your approval and then coordinate the ordering and installation of your circuit.

Any Minnesota OnLine dedicated Internet access account includes access to UseNet news via a news feed or optionally NNTP access, SMTP e-mail and backup e-mail queuing, domain name service. In addition, a block of IP addresses will be allocated for your network and a domain name will be registered with the InterNIC for your site. Your dedicated Internet connection will be constantly monitored by Minnesota OnLine's experienced network management staff at the Network Operations Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.

If you are looking for the least complicated configuration, Minnesota OnLine can provide all of the services (e-mail, news, dns, www, ftp, etc.) that you might need for your network on servers at Minnesota OnLine's facility. This can eliminate all of the Internet related servers and administration issues from your network. If you are planning to run some or all of these services in-house, Minnesota OnLine's staff can be retained to help you develop your network strategy and offer assistance specifying and configuring your hosts, servers, workstations, routers, gateways, firewalls, and network security.

As one of the largest Internet Access Providers in Midwest, Minnesota OnLine is your complete resource for all of your Internet requirements. In addition to dedicated Internet access, Minnesota OnLine has extensive dial-up PPP coverage as well as complete WWW hosting and authoring services.

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