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We provide complete internet access services including:
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Security and Threat Analysis

Additionally, data services are offered in web page design, development and site hosting, network management and monitoring, remote systems backup and data archival. Consulting in these areas is also available to help provide an integrated and complete solution to your data and networking needs.

    LAN/WAN Connectivity
    Businesses can connect their internal LAN/WAN to the internet for only $105.00 per month, allowing everyone in your company to access the Internet from your internal network. By combining Internet access with available public domain software, you can put a powerful productivity tool in the hands of your employees.

    InfoSecurity Services
    Minnesota OnLine has provided information security services since our inception, over four years ago. We have experienced personnel who understand the dynamics and complexities of information security.

    Web Site Development
    Providing a full complement of World Wide Web (WWW) services to help your company support a presence on the Internet. We can provide assistance at all phases of the project, from planning and design to HTML, software development and implementation.

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